Angry Boys: But where’s Jaime?

The hugely anticipated Angry Boys has finally hit our screens after weeks of teaser trailers taunting the Australian public. Angry boys is the brainchild of Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes creator Chris Lilley and with that being said this series has a lot to live up to. Lilley was approached to do this series by US production house HBO after Summer Heights High was a smash overseas. The series follows central characters Daniel and Nathan:  typical teenage twin brothers from the small country town of Dunt- where they get up to just about everything under the sun. However everything changes when Nathan – who is deaf may have to be sent away to a school for the hearing impaired. Daniel enlists help from his grandmother ‘Gran’- again played by Lilley to put together a legendary party with all their idols in attendance.

Chris Lilley as twins Nathan and Daniel

Lilley is nothing but brilliant in his portrayal of each character and his performance as the twin brothers Nathan and Daniel is eerily believable. Lilley’s character Gran is jaw droppingly racist and at some points you know you shouldn’t be laughing but some of us do anyway.  Characters we are introduced to along the way include a surfing legend, an Asian tiger mom and African American rapper Smouse. The six characters played by Lilley are impeccable, it’s almost as if he dissolves into each character however Angry Boys does have some tough shoes to fill. While the portrayal of each character by Lilley is uncanny the characters lack the development and brilliant dialogue that we saw in Summer Heights High.  The pilot gave us a taste of what’s to come but most fans of Lilley’s earlier work might be feeling underwhelmed by the series. Only time will tell if this series can match up to the incredible body of work that Chris Lilley has.

Angry Boys is on ABC1 Wednesdays at 9pm



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